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DEXA - Body Composition Assessment / Bone Density

DexaFit & Risk Assessment

Schulte Wellness is the only location in Ohio to provide the DexaFit & Risk Assessment. Our team of providers can do more than overview the report as well. Schulte Wellness can give medical advice and create plans for you based on your results.

A DEXA scan provides a clearer understanding of your body composition and skeletal health. Now with DexaFit AI, or the Risk Assessment, we can dive deeper on the digital health platform that combines your DexaFit results with your lifestyle and activity data to help you live happier, healthier, stronger, and longer. We us machine learning and artificial intelligence to calculate your expected longevity and a personalized path to where you should be.

What is a Body Composition Assessment?

The Advanced Body Composition® Assessment, also known as DXA or bone densitometry, accurately measures your body composition, identifying the percentage of fat, lean muscle mass, and bone. We would recommend the Advanced Body Composition® Assessment for one of the following reasons:

  • To identify your risk for obesity and obesity related diseases
  • To assess muscle loss due to osteoporosis
  • To monitor weight loss treatment programs
  • To monitor athletic conditioning

How does it work?

The Advanced BCA is part of a whole-body scan. It is similar to having an x-ray, but with much less radiation. During the scan, you lie on your back on the cushioned exam table of the DXA system while the arm of the system passes quickly over your body. It is that easy.

Dr. Val Schulte or Kelly DeBrosse, CNP will print and review the results with you after the procedure. These results can be shared with other healthcare providers or your personal trainer.

What information does an Advanced BCA provide?

A BCA report visually displays body composition data from the scan, showing us clearly where fat and muscle are located within your body. A BCA also measures and identifies the location of visceral fat, an important tool to help predict your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

With regularly scheduled scans, we can chart changes in your body composition over time to evaluate the effects of weight management or conditioning programs. You can see where you are losing fat and where you are building muscle. These reports help you track progress.

How to Prepare for Your Advanced BCA test:

The Advanced Body Composition Assessment requires very little preparation:

  • You may eat and drink normally
  • Do not take calcium supplements for 24 hours prior to your exam
  • You can dress in comfortable clothing
  • Avoid clothing with metal including zippers, buttons, or belt buckles

This is a self-referred service. Medical FSA and HSA accounts are approved forms of payment.

The scan takes 6 minutes, but you will need to allow 30 minutes from start to finish.

Pricing & Discounts

  • Non Members: 
    • DexaFit Scan: $150
    • DexaFit (AI) Risk Assessment: $200 (includes the DexaFit Scan + Risk Assessment)

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