Why choose Dr. Val?

Our one-stop wellness and medical practice is kept small by design, so you can enjoy benefits not normally found in a traditional doctor’s office.

Why Choose Dr. Val


“I see Schulte Wellness as a place where we come together with the primary goal of preventing and reversing disease — so you can live your life more abundantly and with greater vitality.”

I want you to:

Feel so comfortable, that there is nothing too big or too small that you can't discuss with me.

Learn about true health and how to live life feeling alive, and not just existing

Leave my office feeling better and less stressed than when you came in.

Feel loved and cared for.

My dream for my new practice is we build a community that looks for ways to help others. Through group classes, and cooking and exercising together, and building a supportive community, we can accomplish greater good than we could on our own.

I want to inspire you to learn and strive to be healthier, not only for yourself - but for the lives you directly impact - your children, spouse, and your friends.



Time to be heard, understood, and cared for.

Always your Own Doctor

Dr. Schulte. Every visit. Every call. Every time.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes a direct text or phone chat with Dr. Schulte is all you need. Prompt prescription renewals and direct follow up on labs and test results.

Respect for your time

Private and easy access to Dr. Schulte - no call centers. Brief or no office wait time.

Easy and Convenient

Same or next day office or virtual visits. Unhurried and relaxed.


Save time and expense of avoidable urgent care, hospital visits, and medication.

These foundations are often missing and non-covered in our traditional insurance-driven healthcare system.

Choose the membership option that's best for you.

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