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I first want to say the hormone replacement therapy your team recommended for me has been nothing short of life-changing. I tell all my friends and family about it. I feel happier, stronger, more balanced, and have a lot more energy! It blows my mind that this therapy isn't common knowledge and that more doctors don't go this route. Before this, I went to my primary doctor and they told me to go on Zoloft or birth control. It's incredible how underserved it is and how many people I've spoken to seem to have low hormone symptoms as well. Thanks for everything you and your team have done for me!

~ Kristen

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Schulte Wellness is a gem in our area! Working with a doctor and staff who are committed to hearing and knowing the whole person is highly admirable. Their knowledge of wellness and health are top notch. I sincerely wish all women to feel the healthy renewal after leaving a visit from Dr.Schulte and her staff.

~ Michelle

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Dr. Schulte is truly a caring and devoted doctor who has helped me tremendously with bio- identical HRT. Her new practice is part of the future of what our healthcare system should be. Just wish we lived closer! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment- you will be glad you did and her new office will nourish your soul. I could sit in her reception area for hours!

~ Karen

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Where do I even begin?! My first consultation was yesterday. How amazing it was to be able to sit with my doctor for an hour + and just talk about my health and concerns. It was most definitely a change of pace! The entire staff is so caring and the building is so inviting. The stress just melts away at the front door! Dr. Schulte is the best of the best!

~ Crissi

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Dr Schulte is an incredible doctor. She went above and beyond for my care. She was informative and precise…We are so thankful for her! Review

Always has time to listen. Dr. Schulte always takes the extra time to listen about concerns or problems. She is a very caring doctor that wants the best for her patients. I would recommend her to anyone needing her services. Review

Best OB/GYN I have ever been to. After a year of hot flashes, feeling blue and not being able to think clearly, my niece, an employee of Wilson, recommended I see Dr. Schulte. After a few blood tests and some adjustments to hormone therapy I feel better than I have in many years. Thank you Dr. Schulte. Review

Thankful I found her! …After doing some research I chose to see Dr. Schulte, I was very impressed! She is so kind and compassionate and she listens like she truly cares about me and what I am dealing with. She has been very thorough explaining options to me and not annoyed by my questions. I have never felt rushed by her or her staff. I have and will continue to recommend her as I think she is a great doctor. I’m so thankful I found her! Review

Makes you feel valued as a patient and is VERY knowledgeable in all areas. Review

She has always spent as much time with me as I've needed, and has been very kind through all of our ups and downs. She and her staff have made me feel a part of the family…

~ Jess in Troy, OH

Healthgrades Review

She was very kind and appeared to truly care about me and what I was going through. I’ve come to see through the years, that’s who she is. She cares! She listens! She’s compassionate! She’s smart! She’s knowledgeable! She is more than I had hoped for in a doctor. I’ve recommended her more times than I can count and have been thanked numerous times from those who have switched to her.

~ Terri

Healthgrades Review

Dr. Schulte thoroughly explains all my options and makes me feel valued as a patient. She is very knowledgeable and presents all the options and allows me to decide what I would like to do. Truly a great physician.

Healthgrades Review

I absolutely trust Dr. Schulte and her team and feel grateful to have had such wonderful support!

~ Stacey

Healthgrades Review

Dr Schulte is caring and kind. She takes time and listens to you. She is the best around.

Healthgrades Review

I’ve seen Dr. Schulte for 15 years and through 4 pregnancies. In my last pregnancy I struggled with gestational diabetes and Dr. Schulte recommended I start a plant-based diet. This transition became life changing, nearly taking me off of insulin (and probably would have if I was on it longer). I felt incredible and my energy levels were better than pre pregnancy! She recommended I continue this diet postpartum for other health issues. After 5 months, I was taken off thyroid medication I had to take for 6 years prior, my periods became regular, and it seems it cured my heart palpitations! I’m beyond grateful! She’s not only a wonderful Dr. that genuinely cares for her patients, but has a contagious laugh! I am looking forward to the opening of her new wellness center!

Healthgrades Review

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