Schulte Wellness Comprehensive Wellness Plan
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Foundational Wellness

Includes all medical care provided by Dr. Val Schulte, with an emphasis on Lifestyle Medicine for optimized wellness – and the prevention and reversal of Chronic Disease.

Let's focus on every part of your life that is impacting your health – diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and social connectedness.


Dr. Val - Direct Medical Care

Have the time you need with Dr. Val - to be heard, understood, cared for, and loved.

Optimizing your health with Lifestyle Medicine.


Receive fitness + wellness coach evaluations.

Virtual or in-person initial evaluations & guidance from Dr. Val. For your physical & mental health.


Learn plant-based cooking + healthy meal planning.

Learn how to nurture your body and mind. Join us in our teaching kitchen.


Belong to our community.

Meet new friends, enjoy recipe sharing, join walking clubs, and be supported. Strong social connections is an important predictor of happiness and long life.

Ready to take the next step?

Want to take your health and wellness even further? Check out our Comprehensive Wellness Option.

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Do you live too far away from Schulte Wellness? Or need a second opinion?

No problem! Dr. Schulte can virtually consult with you. Available to patients living in Ohio.

Call 937-744-7440 for Details

Teacher Consulting with Schulte Wellness Client