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Laser & Micro Needling Treatment


How Does Laser Treatment Work?

Our Candela GentleMax Pro, the gold standard for laser treatment, uses a unique cooling system for greater safety and comfort. GentleMax Pro laser is used for:

  • Hair Removal
  • Brown Spots & Age Spots
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Your provider will evaluate your medical history prior to your Candela laser treatment. The identified treatment areas will be marked, and we will also take digital photographs to monitor your improvement.

If you take medications or vitamins that cause prolonged bleeding, you may be asked to discontinue these before treatment. Always check with your physician before discontinuing these types of medication.

What to Expect

Length of Time for The Procedure: 15-60 minutes depending on the areas treated. Multiple treatments are usually necessary depending on the size and thickness of the hair.

Recovery Time: There is little to no downtime following the procedure. Any redness or swelling that may appear should resolve within a few hours.

Final Results of the Procedure: With every session, you will see significant reduction in the amount of hair in the treated area.

What is Micro Needling?

Also known as skin needling, micro needling is a minimally invasive therapy for skin rejuvenation. It includes Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI) through which the needles puncture the skin and create a controlled skin injury to help produce new collagen and elastin.

What are the Main Benefits to Micro Needling?

  • Targets areas where mild scarring has occurred or acne scar tissue is embedded deep into the layers of the skin
  • Helps correct the appearance of uneven skin tone caused by dark spots or hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces large pore size
  • Diminishes the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines, and deep wrinkles

Pricing & Discounts

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